Baen Books is Awesome

This afternoon on my way back from a PT session I decided to check the postal annex to see if my wife and I had any mail. The usually jolly people assigned to the mail room did not seem pleased with me or my giant extra heavy surprise box waiting for me.   I completely …

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The Idiocy of Cultural Appropriation and Christmas in Japan

  For the past several days I have come across several articles discussing the idea of “Cultural Appropriation” most notably one or two mentioning some idiotic students at some University complaining about their sushi and orange chicken being culturally insensitive. The idea of cultural appropriation is one of the most shameful idiotic and dangerously illiberal concepts …

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve sipping on a Diet Pepsi, enjoying the 75 degree sunny San Diego weather, and eagerly waiting for my wife to get home so we can begin our annual celebrations. I love Christmas, I love every garish candy cane holding elf, red nosed reindeer, fat suited Santa, and …

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