Climbing Mt. Fuji

Last weekend, after a bit over half a year of living in Japan, the wife and I accomplished one of our long term goals, climbing Mt. Fuji. It was a unique once in a lifetime experience that left me with mixed feelings. Climbing Mt. Fuji managed to be a rewarding challenge and a bit of …

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A Plan to Climb

Mount Fuji, 12,388 feet of Japanese national symbol that I will be climbing. Judy and I scheduled our Mt. Fuji hike for the end of August. We will be doing an overnight hike in order to reach the summit of the caldera and watch one of the worlds most famous sunrises. I'm beyond excited and …

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Defeating Resistance

Shibuya Crossing. Embrace the crowd! My wife just shared an awesome experience on her blog today. Climbing. Obstacles. She talks about her recent experience going to a climbing gym and how scared and intimidated she was at first and almost didn't go. She powered through her doubts and went for it, climbed some walls, learned …

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