USN Hospital Corps 120th Birthday



Happy 120th Birthday Hospital Corps, most fulfilling amazing job. The closest thing to being a multi-class Fighter/Cleric job in the world.

The picture is from 2010, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. I was there with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, Kilo Company.

The Hospital Corpsman rating has provided health care to Sailors, Marines and civilians worldwide for over a century. With exemplary valor and dedication, the Navy’s most decorated rate has served in every military conflict since the rating’s inception July 17, 1898.

Major Acomplishment, check!


Eight years ago when I was a brand new baby sailor I sat in Naval Hospital Corpsman School in Great Lakes Illinois plotting out my life and career. After witnessing the skill and knowledge of several of my instructors who happened to call themselves IDC’s I made it a goal of mine to join them.

This past Friday, after many years, and one intense year long course I finally achieved my goal.

This last year has been one of the hardest, physically, and mentally draining years of my life. Without my awesome wife backing me up and taking care of everything that needed to be handled I would of surely failed. Her awesome motivation and support got me through the 16 hour days, long study sessions, and grueling testing evolutions. I know that whatever challenge and adversity the future has lined up for us together we can beat it down and handle business.


Now I sit here in my apartment, getting ready to start packing up everything we own. Our year long adventure in San Diego has come to an end and it is time to pack up for the next phase of our lives.


Japan! Once again I will truly be a Barbarian, a foreigner in a new land. I have the greatest opportunity to serve my fellow Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers in a fantastic country. Not only will I have a fantastic job but I will have the opportunity to have several years of living in a foreign land absorbing the lifestyle and culture much different than the Southern Californian one I grew up in.

As a writer and History enthusiast, not to mention fan of Japanese food, this is the most exciting opportunity. I look forward to experiencing so much, learning tremendously, and sharing it through my writing.