It’s been seventeen days, five thousand or so miles, three airports, three hotels, two planes, one car rental, and we are finally with family in California.

Flying across the Pacific Ocean with my wife, a seven-month-old baby, and our dog has been a challenge. Living out of suitcases and sleeping in airport lounges has been an experience and even after seventeen days, our journey is far from over.

Everything we own that we didn’t carry with us is making the slow trip across the Pacific by container ship and will not arrive until the end of next month. That means we are living in a new place with minimal furnishing.

It’s enlightening how one can accomplish day to day tasks with limited supplies and how much we take the simple things for granted.

Expect intermittent sporadic transmissions in the coming months.

Wine & Write


A little bit of Wine, a little bit of Writing.. life is currently going well. The Wife and I are staying at her parents house. They happen to live in the middle of the California High Desert. It’s cold, empty, and magnificently quiet.

Being here before I fly to Japan is amazing.  I get so lay around, read, drink wine and relax. I also have all day to write, something that has been hard with our move, my work, and the hectic mess our life has been until recently.

I am currently working on a new piece that I am really excited about. I hope to finish and submit it before I fly out next week.