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Giving Audiobooks a try.

Yesterday I decided to finally get over my reservations and try out fiction in audible format. With the imminent arrival of the baby just around the corner my ability to sit and read is going to be somewhat limited. So, one of the workarounds is to supplement my reading with audiobooks. assasinsapprentice

I am already a heavy podcast listener finishing all available Hardcore History, Mike Duncan’s Revolutions and History of Rome, and occasionally listening to audio versions of The Great Courses. The wealth of available material on most subjects is magnificent and one can attain a tremendous self-education from just the courses alone.

The one thing I haven’t done is listen to audio fiction. Mostly because I didn’t know if I could become as immersed in the fantasy worlds if I was listening vs reading. But, I’ve decided to give it a try and re-upped my Audible account. I used my first credit to purchase Robin Hobbs Assassin Apprentice. It’s my favorite Fantasy series behind her Liveship Traders, and I wanted to give it a re-read before I started on The Tawny Man trilogy that is coming up in my reading schedule.

So, last night I sat down with the wife and we listened to the first two chapters ,which took up approximately two hours. I really enjoyed it, and was able to focus and imagine the scenes and characters just fine. I’m actually looking forward to going home tonight and listening some more.

What really stood out was the fact that I noticed nuances in the writing that I usually skip over. When I finish writing I always read my stuff out loud. For some reason it allows me to capture mistakes, tics, and awkward language much better than just reading it to myself. Listening to the audiobook allowed me to notice the language in a completely different way than reading and I’m thinking that this will be a valuable tool in my writing education.

What do you guys think of audiobooks?

My Favorite Fantasy Writer

robin-2Because it was Woman’s Day back home and everybody is posting their favorite books written by women, I felt like I should jump in and do the same. So here we go, Robin Hobb. She isn’t my favorite woman writer of fantasy, she’s actually my FAVORITE living writer of fantasy. I consider The Farseer Trilogy and the series that followed the best fantasy written in the past three decades. Nothing comes close in my opinion.

The Farseer books are deep, dark, character-driven works of art. A dark world filled with pain and suffering but populated with characters that are good and against all odds pull through and embrace heroism. The second book in the series has, in my opinion, the greatest fantasy scene featuring a strong heroine; Queen Kettricken rallying the soldiers and reminding them that the Forged were once their family.

Oh yeah, and Nighteyes, the best human and wolf relationship in Fantasy.