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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year from the West Coast. It’s been a crazy one. Moved to California from Japan, only to go back to Okinawa for a bit, so I could go adventure through Malaysia before coming back to California.

Most importantly, and the best thing about 2019, was all the wonderful moments I shared with my wife and daughter. I look forward to a lot more in 2020.

Happy Year of the Rooster!

smokingcock2016 was a great year for me and my small family. After some initial setbacks, we all made it to Japan where we spent the whole year exploring and adventuring. We experienced everything from Cherry Blossom, Apples in Nagano, and even knocked out the huge accomplishment of climbing Mt. Fuji. Living in Japan has been a fantastic experience for us and we look forward to another year of excitement and new experiences.

AlexFujiQuinn.jpgTonight we will be going out on the town, eating dinner, grabbing some drinks, and hopefully end up at a nearby shrine for the midnight ceremonies. Earlier today we went on a quick hike by our house and were gifted by the nature gods with a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji. If you look really close at the picture of me holding Quinn you can see him in the background. I will take the view as a sign of prosperity for the new year.

I look forward to all the new challenges and new adventures next year. I look forward to sharing them with my beautiful wife and with my great friends.

I hope all of you have a great new year filled with adventure and happiness.

Happy Year of the Monkey!

I have no idea what this says.


Happy New Year! I hope that all my friends and family across the world had a fantastic New Year celebration and I hope that 2016 turns out to be a great year for everybody.

I spent my NYE walking around Yokosuka, having a few beers, and playing several games of pool. It was a place holder celebration due to my wife still being in California. Next year I hope to make it out to Tokyo and see some of the big NYE events.

2016 is going to be an exciting year. It will be my first year in Japan, and my first full year as an IDC. I expect it to be challenging and difficult but full of adventure and excitement.

Once again I wish all of you a fantastic New Year!