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Stranger Things 2 a Stunning Failure


Ghost Busters ST2
If only the show actually focused on these characters.. but nooo.. 


This past Friday I got off of work, ran to the store where I picked up some snacks, a pizza, and went home to begin the much-awaited binge watch of Stranger Things season 2. The wife and I loved season 1. It touched all of the themes I like in supernatural horror storytelling. Isolated children, massive supernatural conspiracies, well-acted characters, all wrapped up in a pseudo 80’s flavor.

Unfortunately, season 2 was a complete disappointment.  The show’s writing was pathetically poor, filled with nonsensical plots that went nowhere, emotional beats that were out of tune, and filled with cheezy new additions that felt jarringly out of place. It’s like the creators of the show took everything that made the first season likable and focused on the exact opposite.


Bootleg Suicide Squad cringing up yo television since 1983!


The season’s sole accomplishment is providing the world with what must have been the shittiest hour of television in the past decade with the giant turd that was the 7th episode. It was an episode so incongruent with the rest of the show and so poorly written and acted that I almost turned off the whole damn thing and called it right then and there. Linnea Berthelsen’s dorky, poorly acted, horrible accented character was so lame I almost stopped watching the show out of embarrassment. Nauseatingly cringeworthy nonsense. If you read this and haven’t watched the second season do yourself a favor and skip episode 7. You will lose nothing and avoid the poor taste of garbage that ends up poisoning the last two episodes that follow it.

I don’t think I have been this disappointed with a movie or television since they allowed that hack J.J. Abrams to lens flare his way across Star Trek and Star Wars.