“All Heaven and Earth Flowered white obliterate... Snow...unceasing snow” ― Bashō Matsuo, Japanese Haiku Last night Kanagawa got hit by a snowstorm. It was the first snow this winter and the most snow I've experienced out here in Japan. I walked around a bit last night enjoying the way everything looked once covered. I moved to California …

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Pathetic Lawnscaping Project

It seems that talking about lawns, yards, and grass is a popular topic discussed by writers on the blogosphere. Being a self-described writer I figured I should get in on the lawnscaping discussion, or else not be taken seriously. I grew up in apartments and condominiums so I never had a backyard. Never had a lawn …

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Near Mt. Fuji

My work week was a bit atypical. I got the opportunity to fill in at one of our branch clinics, so I took it. The benefit, of course, was that the branch clinic was at the base of Mt. Fuji. So, my week was cold and mostly boring but I had a majestic view of …

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Temple Hopping in Kamakura

alexshrine2.jpgJudy took me on a fantastic hike through Kamakura this weekend. The weather was cold and the air crisp. We visited several Temples and Shrines along the way. It was a great day. Check out her fantastic pictures and write up.

Adventurous Abroad

One of the perks of not having a regular 9-5 while being here in Japan is that I have lots of time to scope out new hiking trails, places to eat, and do extensive research for upcoming travel or events.When my husband is off on the weekends, I am able to share my new discoveries with him and play tour guide… kinda.

This weekend I wanted to share the Daibutsu Hiking Course with him, so Saturday morning we hopped on the train and headed to Kamakura. (You can see a map of the trail and get detailed directions from the Kita Kamakura Station to the trail head here.)

There were a few shrines and temples in the area that I had not yet visited, or didn’t get a chance to explore the other day on our hike.

Off of the East exit of the Kita Kamakura Station is Engakuji

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Wargaming Time!

This guy just arrived. A block war-game about the unification of Japan for me to play in Japan. Excited. This weekend swords and muskets shall clash.

Toky to San Diego and back again.

I'm sitting here listening do Dark Folk music, sipping black coffee, and enjoying a crisp cool afternoon in Yokosuka. The jet lag from my trip to California seems to have resolved itself. Last week I took one of my necessary work trips to San Diego. I always luck out and get to fly on JAL, hands …

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A Busy Week.

These last few days have been quite consuming. Work is busy, the holidays are rapidly approaching, and of course it was Election Day. I had zero time or energy to focus on reading or writing. Following national politics can be exhausting. To recover from the long week we spent most of our weekend celebrating Veterans …

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Japan, I dig you.

The last few days have been rather busy. Several months ago my wife put out an invitation to all of our friends to be a host if they wanted to check out Japan. Her old high school friend decided to take her up on it and flew out here with her long time friend for …

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Climbing Mt. Fuji

Last weekend, after a bit over half a year of living in Japan, the wife and I accomplished one of our long term goals, climbing Mt. Fuji. It was a unique once in a lifetime experience that left me with mixed feelings. Climbing Mt. Fuji managed to be a rewarding challenge and a bit of …

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A week of Typhoons, Fun Runs, and finally Fuji.

This week started off exciting. A Typhoon was scheduled to make landfall on Monday. Everyone panicked, trains stopped running, work was canceled, and I brought all my outdoor stuff inside. I was excited. My first typhoon in Japan. Honestly I didn't even know what a typhoon was so I had to look it up on …

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