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Book Review: Neon Harvest by Jon Mollison

What an excellent cover!

Digger, a private investigator fresh off a failed case and down on his luck gets a last chance at a paycheck from an old friend. But like in all noir tales the job isn’t what it seems and he gets thrown in the middle of a nefarious plot involving megacorporations, murder, rape, and government corruption set against a retrofuture techno-noir background.

Neon Harvest does something different, something cool. It’s not a true sci-fi nor a true cyberpunk. Jon takes the technological baseline of the early 80’s and stagnates it. It’s a pre-digital cyber-thriller. The heroes still use pay-phones, newspapers are still on paper, and cash is still used. Yet, colony ships take off, planets are terraformed, and the internet used to exist. I don’t want to spoil anything, because the whole concept is really cool.

Mollison excels at writing crime violence and the seedy techno-noir setting allows him to go all out with several exciting set pieces. Once scene involving a para-glider through skyscrapers was epic, an excellent action sequence where Jon showed his chops.

Another highlight was one of the villains, an disgusting billionaire rapist that was equal parts Harvey Weinstein and Baron Harkonnen, truly repulsive.

Mollison travels in the same writing circles as Alexander Helene and a lot of the PulpRev crowd and I have to say that with each new release the quality of work increases exponentially. Which brings me to my only real complaint about Neon Harvest, which is almost the same as my complaint about The Last Ancestor by Helene. I want more depth. Mollison writes ass-kicking action, the pace is quick, and the prose is pulpy goodness. But, there’s a lot of stuff in there that I wish was expanded upon, a lot of philosophical points that could of been the center of a much deeper and darker novel.

Neon Harvest is an action-packed retro scifi noir asskicker. I read it in two sittings, the second round kept me up until 2 am. Pick it up, put on some wired headphones, and throw on one of the many retrowave playlists on yotube because this one is a blast.

OUT TODAY: Neon Harvest by Jon Mollison

Good friend of mine and solid indy writer Jon Mollison has a brand new book out today. Neon Harvest is a retrowave techno-noir set in the 80s future that could have been.

Within shadows cast by the dayglo lights of a city where the party never stops, one man finds himself at the epicenter of the biggest financial deal in history.

With massive fortunes and control of powerful industries on the line, he plunges into the tangled weave where high-stakes finance, powerful politics, and grimy criminal syndicates vie for control of the seething masses of humanity. And cutting his way free of the ties that bind forces him to choose between escape from this sordid world, and saving the girl of his dreams.

It downloaded onto my kindle earlier today and I can’t wait to dig into it in the next few days. Jon writes some great scifi and fantasy stuff and cool action stories you can find in Storyhack. Give him a read and support the awesome indy scene.

Grab a copy on Amazon and make sure to write a review when you finish.

Barbarian Book Club: A Moon Full of Stars

I started my 2018 with a bang, reading Jon Mollison’s A Moon Full of Stars. Jon is a novella writing, pulp revolution spreading, machine, whose writing seems to get better and better with each piece.¬†amoonfullofstars

I’ve read some of Jon’s shorter work which you can find in Storyhack Magazine and through his website JonMollison.com. But A Moon Full of Stars was the first longer work and I was not disappointed.

Moon Full of Stars is an action-packed post-apocalyptic piece of insane pulp filled with pig-faced biker mutants, tribal hunters, rocket ships, artificial intelligence,  low gravity warped psychic puritans, and some really weird centaurs.

It’s an adventure story about two young rival hunters forced to band together on a quest to rescue their people from the clutches of mutant slavers. In the tradition of radiation-pulp and roleplaying games like Gamma World, our heroes must work together to overcome difficult and monstrous obstacles and maybe find love along the way.

The short novella format, abandoned in the past decades, suits this style of fast and frantic action. Jon manages to build a fully developed world populated with compelling characters in the same amount of space that more celebrated fantasy writers would use to describe a meal or a character’s dress.

Pick up Moon Full of Stars, have a beer or two, and enjoy the fun work of a writer who loves the Science Fantasy classics and the games inspired by them.

Joining the Pulp Revolution with Storyhack Action & Adventure Issue 0!

It’s finally official, my Musket and Magic story A Tiger in the Garden will be in issue 0 of Storyhack Action & Adventure!

I am beyond humbled and happy that I get to debut my first story in such a fantastic way. Bryce Beattie exemplifies the Pulp Independent Aesthetic. He said fuck it, I’m starting a magazine that features the kind of stories I love, and actually went ahead and did it.fuckyeah

The Pulp Revolution is growing, becoming an unstoppable force. Every week a new anthology, magazine, or independent work gets published, while social media is chock full of fascinating genre discussion. For the first time in forever, I’m energized and motivated to read and write, trying my best to keep up with each requested submission. It is a great time for SFF!

I’m excited to be a small part of this movement, and I hope my contribution is up to par. It’s honestly humbling¬†debuting my first piece next to great writers like Jon Mollison and the others that will make up Storyhack 0.

Stay tuned, once more information about this issue comes out I will let everyone know. Now on to finishing my pieces for all the other submissions I intend to make.