Writing and Chinatown

So after a long burst of non-stop work, I am finally on vacation. Tomorrow Judy and I will go on our first vacation since moving to Japan.  We will be flying to Taiwan, where we will be doing a bunch of exploring, a bunch of drinking, and lots and lots of eating. Besides being excited …

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A Busy Week.

These last few days have been quite consuming. Work is busy, the holidays are rapidly approaching, and of course it was Election Day. I had zero time or energy to focus on reading or writing. Following national politics can be exhausting. To recover from the long week we spent most of our weekend celebrating Veterans …

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Japan, I dig you.

The last few days have been rather busy. Several months ago my wife put out an invitation to all of our friends to be a host if they wanted to check out Japan. Her old high school friend decided to take her up on it and flew out here with her long time friend for …

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Now it Begins

Last year, August 16th, 2015 to be precise, I made the following post The Magnificent Seven Challenge. The idea was simple. Write seven short stories, submit them, and track the whole process. I failed miserably. My writing output has been hovering between zero and nothing. Depressing situation. Quite miserable. Demotivating. Deplorable. Dastardly. Unexcusable! But things …

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Climbing Mt. Fuji

Last weekend, after a bit over half a year of living in Japan, the wife and I accomplished one of our long term goals, climbing Mt. Fuji. It was a unique once in a lifetime experience that left me with mixed feelings. Climbing Mt. Fuji managed to be a rewarding challenge and a bit of …

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A week of Typhoons, Fun Runs, and finally Fuji.

This week started off exciting. A Typhoon was scheduled to make landfall on Monday. Everyone panicked, trains stopped running, work was canceled, and I brought all my outdoor stuff inside. I was excited. My first typhoon in Japan. Honestly I didn't even know what a typhoon was so I had to look it up on …

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Hiking and Writing

In about two weeks the wife and I are going to climb Mt. Fuji. I'm excited because climbing Fuji has always been one of my life goals. Something I have always wanted to do as far back as I can remember. In order to prep for the climb and also because we love doing it. …

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Kamikochi Nature Trail — Gains Before Grains

  This past weekend Judy and I took a 5 hour drive west to Nagano Prefecture home of Japan's Alps. We spent the day hiking this beautiful trail admiring the gorgeous environment. We even ran into a pair of Snow Monkeys. Hop on over to Judy's blog and check out some great pictures. Japan is …

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A quick trip to California

Last week I went to Narita Airport in Tokyo and took a 5,000 mile 10 hour flight to San Diego where I spent the week on Camp Pendleton getting some excellent training  and certification. The best part was that I got to shoot up to Long Beach to catch up with friends and family. California …

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Across the Ocean, Into Another World.

My wife wrote about her first couple of days in Japan and shared some great pictures. Her ability to take pictures is miles above my own. Enjoy.