Hobo Life, Monster Hunting, and 007

Yesterday the movers came, packed all of our possessions, put them nicely in a fancy shipping container, and took them away. Sometime next year on the other side of the Pacific Ocean I will be reunited with my bed, bookshelves, tv, xbox, and everything else I have acquired over the last several years. Until that …

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One of the best articles on writing out there!

http://monsterhunternation.com/2015/06/25/how-authors-get-paid-part-2/ A fantastic article about the publishing and making money as a writer. Read it!

Monster Hunter International

Due to my monstrous work schedule my reading has trickled down to lamentable levels. Honestly I was able to read a lot more between patrols in Afghanistan. Due to limited time and overall fatigue from exhausting work days my reading has been focused on lighter, fun, action fare. Currently I'm on a urban fantasy kick …

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