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A Plan to Climb

I took this picture in January from the sacred springs.

Mount Fuji, 12,388 feet of Japanese national symbol that I will be climbing. Judy and I scheduled our Mt. Fuji hike for the end of August. We will be doing an overnight hike in order to reach the summit of the caldera and watch one of the worlds most famous sunrises.

I’m beyond excited and a little bit nervous. A 12,388 foot 6 hour hike is pretty tough for most people but my number one worry is the elevation gain. I’m a sea level guy, from Long Beach to San Diego I have never lived anywhere with any decent elevation. It took me awhile to adjust to the mountains at Bridgeport Mountain Warfare training. I even had a hard time running in California’s High Desert.

So in order not to embarrass myself I started a more intense strength and stamina training regimen. My goal is to train for the next two and a half months motivating myself to accomplish a great climb but also vastly improve my health and fitness.


I can’t think of anything more motivating than a giant sacred mountain.