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Final Preparations

In eight days our small family will be leaving Yokosuka, Japan, flying across the Pacific Ocean, and beginning the next phase of our lives.  Last Friday movers came to pack and pick up our furniture and personal items. This coming Friday we will turn in the keys to our house.

Mt. Fuji from the lakes.

As of now my wife and I are living in a hotel room with the baby and the dog. Quinn, the dog, fancies herself a professional guard dog and has decided to bark every time someone walks outside our room. The cramped and hectic situation is not very conductive to writing. Not to mention all of our free time is spent preparing for our flight and tying up loose ends.

Living in Japan has been a fantastic adventure and I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience such an interesting and unique culture first hand. I’m going to miss being out here. But, I’m ready to move on and make new memories and take part in new adventures.

During this chaotic time I am trying my best to stay focused on diet and exercise. I’ve been hitting the gym daily and staying on top of my calorie count. I’m checking in to a deployable command and want to hit the ground running.

I’m also catching up on reading, specifically focused on history and conservative philosophy.

Expect a lot of posts on those topics in the near future.

A Hectic New Year.

Everything is in flux, everything is changing.

By this time next week, my family and I will be enjoying the hospitality of our good friends and preparing the final push towards our journey back to the United States. This Friday, movers will come to our house, pack our belongings, and ship everything we own across the Pacific. After a short stay at the Lodge, where I spent three months when I first arrived, we will fly back to America. If everything goes according to plan we should arrive in California on the 1st of February.

Understandably life is rather hectic. Preparing for a move from Asia to America is a daunting endeavor, but in our case, the addition of a spirited seven-month-old adds an extra layer of complexity. Therefore I haven’t had a surplus of free time for writing or blogging.

I did manage to read a decent amount. Earlier today I finished Mercenaries and their Masters: Warfare in Renaissance Italy. A good book if you are interested in the subject but somewhat dry if you don’t have prior knowledge about the socio-political landscape of 15th century Italy. I love the idea of mercenary armies and when it comes to historical eras I tend to gravitate towards the pike and shot warfare of the European Wars of Religion. Sadly books focused on this subject tend to lean towards the academic instead of the amateur reader.

I’m still walking to work several times per week and enjoying the cold morning while listening to Lord of The Rings. I just started The Return of the King. I know I’ve said this before but the narration is fantastic. I’m surprised by how much depth and nuance I missed when I first read the trilogy over a decade ago. If you haven’t read TLotR at all or recently I highly recommend the audiobooks narrated by Rob Inglis.

LBC, family, writing, update, and preparing for Japan.

Finally after several hectic days I have the time and focus to sit down and knock out a quick update. Last Thursday the Wife and I packed the rest of our possessions and took the 109 mile trip to Long Beach. I’m really going to miss San Diego, by far the best city in all of California. I look forward to returning some day and feel sad that we did not spend more time with all the new friends we made.


We are going to be in Long Beach until after Thanksgiving allowing me to spend time with friends and family and to visit and experience all of my favorite places before we leave the country. So far I have stuffed my face at a few restaurants and even went to see one of my favorite local bands.

Of course the hectic nature of living out of a suitcase and being around my family is tough on reading and writing. It’s hard to relax when you are outside your home and your element but I am trying to adapt.

One of the things I am trying to focus on is working out. I am trying to get as many morning hill runs as possible with a healthy dose of sprinting, pushups, and other bodyweight exercises.

Hands down the coolest thing we have done was going on a nice hike to Switzer Falls north of Los Angeles. It was a fantastic and beautiful hike through a dark canyon that ended at a really cool little waterfall.

Being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a beautiful environment does wonders for even the worst anxiety and worries related to my upcoming move.

Now that I am a bit more settled I will try to review several books I just finished and enjoyed and try to focus on some short story editing.


Loving the new hood.

I started this blogging adventure during a chaotic time in my life, right smack in the middle of moving. Naturally I have been somewhat occupied with exploring my new City and sampling all the fine food, coffee, and beer that my neighborhood has to offer. Now that I’m settled in, I will be updating on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

Right around the corner.
Right around the corner.

University Heights so far is leading the race as my favorite place to live. It has the urban feel I enjoyed while living in Chicago mixed with the laid back attitude of San Diego. Fantastic 24 hour coffee shops, bars filled with craft beer, restaurants, and shops all within walking distance. Most of importantly all the locals I have met have been amazingly friendly and fun to hang out with. I look forward to living here for the next few years.

In other news of interest, I have been doing a lot of research for my next short story and expect to begin the submission process sometimes next week. I will keep updating on the process as work it out for myself. Hopefully I don’t get distracted by all the awesomeness around me.