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Barbarian Book Club: Weightlifting Progress 5FEB18


Ancient World Goals, choking up your three-headed dog son.

I’m about two months into my focused quest to grow the body worthy of a Barbarian King, leading fierce warriors against the globalist Roman legions. My plan is outlined in this post, and now about two months later I figured I would look back on progress.


Going through my Journal the earliest weightlifting numbers I could find are from 28th of November:

Bodyweight: 202lbs

Overhead Press: 65lbs 5×5

Bench Press: 130lbs 5×5

Squat: 130lb 5×5

Deadlift: 155lb 5×5

As of today, my lifts are as follows:

Bodyweight: 207lbs

Overhead Press: 110lbs 5×5

Bench Press: 162.5lbs 5×5

Squat: 205lbs 5×5

Deadlift: 210lbs 5×5

The overhead press is starting to trouble me a bit, my last set today took some willpower. I think a 10% de-load might be around the corner. Squats I’m taking slow because of my back injury but the deadlifts are feeling a bit too easy. I might start adding 10lbs per workout for a few sessions.