The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb

I don't write a lot of full-length book reviews. I prefer quick updates on what I've read recently, short and to the point, enough to recommend and maybe spur some discussion, but not concise reviews. The only time I write longer pieces is when I come across a book that really captures my imagination, for example, last …

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Barbarian Book Club: May 2018 Operational Report

Updates In preparation for the imminent arrival of my first child, I decided to grow a respectable mustache. It's coming along nicely and I have faith that it will develop further. I've been writing a bit here and there, nowhere as much as I should be, but overall I'm content with my current pace. I …

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March Update

I've neglected posting any new updates this week due to being busy and suffering from a bit of internet fatigue. I’m honestly trying to avoid social media, blogs, and online news sources or at least limit how much time I spend reading junk that does nothing but aggravate me. The weightlifting program is going great. …

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