My Favorite Fantasy Writer

Because it was Woman's Day back home and everybody is posting their favorite books written by women, I felt like I should jump in and do the same. So here we go, Robin Hobb. She isn't my favorite woman writer of fantasy, she's actually my FAVORITE living writer of fantasy. I consider The Farseer Trilogy and …

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A Barbarian Book Update

I’m sitting here, petting my vicious dog, enjoying a nice cup of Earl Gray, and reading book two in Robin Hobbs Farseer Trilogy. You can feast your worthless eyes on the finished review for book one in the series Assassins Apprentice a few posts below. I decided to post in the middle of my reading …

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Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

  “Learning is never wrong. Even learning how to kill isn't wrong. Or right. It's just a thing to learn, a thing I can teach you. That's all.”   Several days ago I found myself sitting outside my favorite San Diego coffee spot, sipping a hot beverage, and finishing the last chapters of Robin Hobbs Assassin's …

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