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Goodbye Asimovs



The quality and type of fiction is a magazine is largely dependent on the main Editor. If you find a magazine whose editor has tastes that align with your own it’s a guarantee that you will enjoy at least some of the stories included.

Sadly, Sheila Williams and Asimov’s do not align with my tastes at all. Actually I would like to know who her tastes align with because based on the stories in the last few issues I’m beginning to think she doesn’t actually like Science Fiction or Fantasy.

I have a digital subscription. Correction, had because I’m way over waiting for an actual SFF story from this magazine. The latest issue was the last I will ever read. Not one of the stories was an actual SFF piece. The only SF was background window dressing or downright stupid. The crowning achievement of the magazine was an idiotic novella about a gay waiter who traveled to Colonial times pretending to be an angel and getting the locals addicted to meth so he can take back Paul Reveres silver spoons. A premise so stupid and insulting I wanted to toss my Kindle.

A douchey love story about an artist that name drops Art History 101 names and pines about the tough girl that left his ass is still a love story. Just because the setting is the near future doesn’t make it SF. If you take the Great Gatsby and change the setting to the year 2099 and make the cars hover , it’s still the same book and not Sci Fi.

Another blogger commented last month somewhere and said, “Asimov’s is for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans who hate Science Fiction and Fantasy.” After reading the latest issue I fully agree.

My Magnificent Seven Challenge

I hope one of them lives to ride off into the sunset.
I hope one of them lives to ride off into the sunset.

Challenges, I love challenges! I find it fun and motivating to set a goal and hold myself to it as much as possible. Weightlifting challenges, fitness challenges, reading challenges, hiking challenges, the whole idea of setting a bar and trying to get over it is a great way to accomplish goals. Many years ago I came across the NaNoWriMo month challenge and thought it was a great idea to get motivated. Unfortunately, the month-long format does not work for my lifestyle and November has been a really busy month for me throughout the years.

So in order to motivate myself to write more, finish more, and send out completed works I decided to invent my own personal challenge. The Magnificent Seven Challenge!

The Challenge:

  1. Write Seven completely edited short stories.
  2. Send them out for publication.
  3. Track the whole process on this blog keeping track of word count and submitting status.

Why short stories? Well, I have so many ideas floating around in my head waiting to be put down on paper and I feel that giving a voice to some of them will allow me to grow as a writer. While I am currently putting together research and outlines for my larger project I really want to branch out and explore different genres, styles, and try to shape my voice as a writer. Also, the idea of tracking each story and writing about the process here sounds like a lot of fun to me and hopefully will keep me motivated.

The main goal of this project is to motivate myself to finish all the different writing pieces I start instead of bouncing around from half-finished draft to half finished draft. When the seven stories are complete I should have about 40,000 words written matching the NaNo goal. That alone will be a good amount of practice and should let me explore my writing style. The dream goal, of course, is that one or two of them will ride off into the sunset and get picked up by somebody.

Well, partners, I’m off to write my first story.