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Storyhack Action & Adventure Issue #0 has been out for about a week. If you haven’t read it yet, stop what you are doing and pick it up. My story, A Tiger in the Garden, is the cover story. It’s an action-packed Musket & Magic story taking place in a far off fantasy jungle colony. …

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Joining the Pulp Revolution with Storyhack Action & Adventure Issue 0!

It's finally official, my Musket and Magic story A Tiger in the Garden will be in issue 0 of Storyhack Action & Adventure! I am beyond humbled and happy that I get to debut my first story in such a fantastic way. Bryce Beattie exemplifies the Pulp Independent Aesthetic. He said fuck it, I'm starting …

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Cirsova #5 More Than Just a Magazine

Cirsova #5 finally came out this weekend and I devoured this fantastic issue. If you follow me at all you have no doubt read about my enthusiastic discovery of Cirsova which led to me taking up the banner of the Pulp Revolution and rekindling my faltering love for Fantasy. I enjoyed issue #3 of Cirsova …

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Writing Update: March 2017

I just finished the first draft of my latest story, An Eye for Eligos. A dark musket and magic tale set during the American Revolution, where I attempted to channel the darker aspects of Howard's writing. Violence, black magic, sinister monstrosities, all of the pulpy stuff I enjoy. I did a quick editing pass, then read …

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A Good Day

I woke up this morning, checked my phone, and was greeted with a fresh rejection email. Not a big deal, rejections are part of the game. But this one was cool, it was a detailed, personal one. Something about getting a more in-depth reply makes the experience a bit more pleasant and motivates me to …

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Writing Goals

The last couple of weeks I have been writing on and off, working my way through some short stories. I have two pieces out for submission right now that I am excited about and hope to get back this week. Most importantly my writing and my outlook on short fiction are revitalized. I am 100% …

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Support Indy Short Fiction

Eric over here just dropped the second short story in his Exiled Crown series. Good, independent, fiction, of the dark variety. If you’re looking for a short Grimdark read on your lunch break, commute to work, or even if the grim darkness helps you sleep at night, Storm Witch is out today. It’s the second …

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The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

I am in this old school D&D, Sword and Sorcery, adventure, and horror kind of mood. So far this collection is fantastic, some stories even eclipse his Conan pieces.  Check out this book on Goodreads: The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

The Biggest Sin of Story

I reread my post  on Asimov's and realized that in my guns blazing critique I left out my main problem with the magazine. The stories, for the most part, are well written, and beyond my amateur writing to technically critique. But, and this is a massive but. They are boring. The worst thing a story can …

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Winter Issue of Cirsova is Out Now! — Cirsova

  Cirsova is hands down my favorite indy Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine. The last issue was fantastic. Old school Sword and Sorcery, pirates, Sword and Planet, wizards, witches, monsters, and everything that got me into Fantasy minus all the pretentious creative writing lit fic bullshit that poisons SFF. Buy it! Stickied Post The Winter …

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