Two Months

My last full post was two months ago. Don’t worry, I’m still here. I’m not giving up on this space. Matter of fact I just renewed my domain name.

I’ve been terribly busy. Between being a father, husband, and a full time job, my time is overbooked. Especially these last few months due to my work sending me out of town for training. Last week I spent living out of the back of a military ambulance.

What free time I have that isn’t devoted to my family is spent writing. I’ve been consistently hitting my wordcount goals and have a lot of big projects planned. I’m giving myself a 10-year transition to full time author timeline. In order to make that goal every spare moment needs to be devoted to writing, research, craft, and marketing.

I’m not sure what I want to do with this blog space. Do I want to continue keeping it a semi-personal space used like a journal? I don’t really like reviews but I could turn it into a page devoted to indy writers I follow. Use it as a newsletter? Lots of options. For now I’m going to do what I have been doing, but that might change in the future.

In the coming months I’m going to start revealing my upcoming projects.

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Life Update 29July18

July has been a busy month. We are getting used to and learning how to do the whole parenting thing. It’s difficult, frustrating, exhausting, but oh so worth it when I get to hold her and she smiles. Of course, as soon as she does she also rips a heavy fart or spits up all her milk. alexjune2

Work is also sucking up a lot of my time and energy. I was given a new leadership position that takes a lot of effort and compounds my tasks on top of an already busy daily schedule. Any other time I would have considered this an exciting promotion but with a newborn at home and my tour coming to a close I find the whole thing burdensome and inconvenient. Luckily I have some great people working with me that are giving me a hand and keeping me motivated.


Not a lot in this department. I’m currently working on a short story, a post-apocalyptic gonzo type story inspired by Wild West frontier fiction, specifically Ernest Haycox’s Stage to Lordsburg. Besides that, I started work on a long-term project, right now I’m researching so I have a lot of books piled up waiting for me to have the time to read and take notes.

Keeping up with the Science Fiction and Fantasy world I dabbled in reading about the Worldcon stupidity this year. It just cements the fact that the professional SFF world is a constant dumpster fire and I want nothing do to with it. Bunch of losers.


Finishing Robin Hobbs Liveship Trader’s Trilogy I decided to keep going with her Elderlings series and read through The Tawny Man Trilogy. I powered through Fool’s Errand which was fantastic but it kicked my ass when it came to emotional scenes. Now I’m halfway through the second book, Golden Fool, and reading a few chapters nightly.

alexjune3.jpgBesides the big novels, I’m reading a collection of Louis L’Amour short stories, a bunch of cool stuff indie stuff that I will reveal and review soon, and all the usual non-fiction articles and history that comes across my way.


Had a bit of a drop in my schedule, gotta admit it’s hard to stay motivated when you are getting only two to three uninterrupted hours at night followed by a ten-hour workday filled with annoying people. But now I’ve settled into the routine and managed to complete an entire week and get a short run in yesterday. The Navy physical fitness test is coming up in September or October so that means I need to start up my running, situps, and pushups so I can score an outstanding and get back to lifting for the rest of the year. I haven’t checked my maxes in a while, so once I hit four uninterrupted weeks I will recalculate and compare to my annual goal.


March Update

I’ve neglected posting any new updates this week due to being busy and suffering from a bit of internet fatigue. I’m honestly trying to avoid social media, blogs, and online news sources or at least limit how much time I spend reading junk that does nothing but aggravate me.img_20180304_150527_4571194357115.jpg

  • The weightlifting program is going great. Even with a bench press reset I feel like I’m getting stronger every week. Yesterday I knocked out several sets of deadlifts that left me exhausted, but the strength increase from December is unquestionable.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of books on parenthood and fatherhood in general. I plan on adding a section to this blog where I talk about fatherhood and the thoughts I have on the subject.
  • Writing, I finally managed to sit down and start working on the longer novella I’ve been plotting for the last few weeks. It feels great to sit down and write. Once things start getting serious I will be discussing this project more and more. I’m plan on self-publishing this one so I will need editors and artists for sure. Not to mention a lot of research on how to go forth with the publishing.
  • I’ve done a bit of adjusting the blog, if you look at the categories you will see links to my Gentleman’s Library and my read of The Western Canon. I plan on continuing with Shakespeare and when I finish a few more plays moving on to Dante.

I’m also reading a lot of Fantasy again, most of all I’m reading Robin Hobb my favorite Fantasy writer. I’m half way through book 2 of The Liveship Traders and honestly believe this is my favorite series. If you haven’t read Hobb, stop whatever you are doing and pick her up.