Reading Shakespeare: Macbeth Act 1

My adventure through the Western Canon begins with Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth. First performed around 1606 during the reign of James I traditionally believed to be cursed by the world of theater, its name not spoken aloud instead referred to as The Scottish Play. Macbeth is a bloodbath of murder and the descent into madness that …

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Reading Shakespeare: part II

Since I last posted I've received a bunch of messages and comments from people interested in my reading through Bloom's Western Canon, specifically my upcoming read of Shakespeare. A few interested in reading along. Originally I was going to update sporadically but due to the interest, I'm going to blog the entire thing. Hopefully putting …

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Reading Shakespeare: part I

Last week I outlined my goal to read through The Western Canon, focusing on the twenty-six writers Bloom considers key to understanding Western Literature. Shakespeare is the first, considered by many to be the greatest writer of all time, and propped up by Bloom as the pinnacle of The Western Canon. I decided to read …

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