Rainy Day Run

I'm really enjoying my paternity leave, getting to stay home and help with Juni is great but I'm also trying to get in some workouts. I took last week off due to lack of sleep, I'm still not fully caught up, but I forced myself to continue with my workout routine this week.  This morning …

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Barbarian Book Club: Weightlifting

The majority of posts on this blog are dedicated to reading and writing, but the intellectual element is only one area of interest. Fitness has always been an important part of my life, my day job depends on it, and I enjoy both the physical challenge and the mental aspect of weightlifting and endurance training. The …

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Backpain & Bandicoots

I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day filled with BBQ, fireworks, and motivated displays of gratuitous patriotism. Being out here in the land of the rising sun I celebrated America’s independence ahead of most of you by going to the beach and taking a bunch of naps. The wife and I spent a lot …

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